Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter Home 05-15-1944

Monday 1630


Hello Darling:

Who do you think I saw at noon today? It was George Burgess. He and a couple of other boys from his Squadron were here to pick up some planes.

He looks good. All tan ect. Evidently his trip through the jungle did not bother him too much. No matter how good his health is here though he thinks it would be a lot better at home. He and all the rest of them are eager to go home.

However he said he mentioned that to his C.O., and the answer he got was to forget about it for eight months or so. He does not know for sure if the C.O. was kidding or not.

He was glad to see someone from home too, and also he asked about you. He told me to say hello when I wrote to you so, “Hello!”

I had one flight this morning, and when I came back we had another lecture. I saw George just after that, and we shot the bull until one o’clock. He had to leave then so I only saw him for about two hours.

I just took a shower, already I am wringing wet. Also the flies in the hut seem extra busy today. They are always bad, but today they are worse. I guess we will have to start a big campaign against them.

Before these flies eat me up I guess I will say so long. I love you sweetheart very, very, much!

Love George


A rootdigger said...

Good to see you sharing these. I have relatives who have the gr grandfathers journals and not a word as to what is in them.

Brian said...

Hopefully, you will be able to convince them to share. My grandfather died when I was fairly young, and these letters have been teaching me a great deal about who he was.