Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter Home 05-12-1944

Friday 2030

Hello Darling:

Boy we just cam back from seeing a real rooting, tooting, two gun western movie. It was one of Richard Dix best I guess. Plenty of fighting, shooting, and ham acting. It was entertaining at least.

These lines on this paper don’t work out too well for me. I guess I make my y’s g’s ect. with too big a loop. I will start trying to make them smaller so you can read this better.

I flew again today. There wasn’t any flight leader so three of us went up individually.

I met that guy I was telling you about that I knew in the 370th. He just came over here a couple of days ago. He is a replacement for P47’s too. I was mistaken when I thought he was flying twin engine stuff.

The heat ect. is still the same here. We have to keep reminding ourselves that it is winter here. There certainly will never be any snow. It would not last a minute.

I have a bit of a headache tonight, so I guess I will sign off now. I love you – lots – good night –

Love George

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