Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter Home 05-08-1944

Monday 1930


Hello Darling:

Here I am again with practically nothing to say. We don’t ever do anything to talk about, so our letters must get pretty dull at times. Most of the time in fact!

I am using Baker’s pen tonight, and I like it better than mine. I only started to use it because it was handy at the moment. It is just like mine, so I can’t understand why I should like it better. Maybe its because I dropped mine on the point about a week ago.

Four of the boys are playing rummy, and one of them is cussing out the cat. We have a little kitten here, and it is right in the middle of the game. They are playing on a cot, and he jumped up there too. They guy that doesn’t like it just hates cats in general, and this one in particular. It seems the cat was over in his hut the other day, and decided to take a nap in his bed. While he was there he had a call from mother nature, so he let go on the bed. So he doesn’t care too much for the cat!

We had a couple more lectures today. One was on censorship, and it was pretty interesting! From the way the guy talked some of us will be censoring the enlisted men’s mail in the squadron we go to at some time or other. Our mail as officers is usually allowed to go through with our own certification. That is by our signing the envelope in the lower left hand corner. All they do is spot check ours occasionally. He also stressed writing on one side only even though we have a paper shortage.

Think I will sign off for now. I love you very much sweetheart. Take good care of you for me –

Love George

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