Friday, October 8, 2010

Letter Home 07-21-1944

Friday 2030


Hello Darling:

You know I got thinking about that letter I wrote you last night, and I kind of wish I hadn’t written it now. I am afraid it might make you think I am unhappy over here.

Such is not the case however. I will admit that I was (and still am not) not happy about George. I think he is going to be OK though, and he is getting sent home, so it does have a wee bit of good in it.

I also am afraid you might worry about something similar happening to me. I hope I can put your mind at rest as to that. Things like that happen rarely, and he had a lot of tough breaks. His trip in the jungle, and operation ect. Besides he is a bit more excitable than I am. Practically always I can manage to enjoy what little there is to enjoy here. And not brood on what there isn’t! Sometimes the lack of mail really gets under my skin, but I tell myself it isn’t anyone’s fault but the mailman’s, and I will eventually get some. So I get by alright.

Our morale got a big boost in the last two days. They got some fresh meat, butter, and real eggs! That is the first we have had here in nearly 2 months. We had steaks last night, and again tonight. They were tough, but after all the bull beef we have seen they were still good.

I though of something you might send me darling. I am going to run out of foot powder one of these days, and I would like another can of that Geminol. In this hot climate our feet catch the devil, and we have to just try using plenty of powder on them every day.

I don’t know if I told you that we are getting plenty of cigarettes now free, so you need not waste money on sending them to me. I’d still like an occasional cigar though.

We went out on a strafing mission the other day. Four of us were on alert all afternoon, and a transport pilot came in to tell us about seeing some Japs crossing a river not far from here. So we hopped over to see if we could find them. We did not see anything. You can’t see an inch into that thick jungle from the air. Just on general principal we strafed the area around where they had been seen though. Probably didn’t do any good, but it was fun shooting.

I can’t think of much to say other than this little bit honey. Except to remind you that I am very much in love with my little Edie. Always and all ways1

Love George?

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letter Home 07-20-1944

Thursday 2100


Hello Darling:

I was just not in any mood to write last night, and I still am not tonight. However I guess I will at least say hello anyway.

The reason I fell bad is about George Burgess. He had a nervous breakdown, and I just heard about it yesterday. I guess it happened the day before.

There is one good point about it. He is being sent home. They say he should be OK when he gets out of here. I sure hope so. He was supposed to be evacuated today, but the plane he was going on had a bit of trouble, so I don’t know if he got out today or not. I suppose they will take him to one of the hospitals in the rear area for a while first.

I hope they don’t keep him there long. The best thing for him I think would be to get him out of here entirely as soon as possible. Or sooner! I sure hope he comes out OK on it. He is one good guy.

I don’t know if they notify his folks in a case like that or not, and I don’t know if it would be a good idea either. Just something that would worry them some more. Perhaps it is best to simply let him get home and then tell them he is there. I don’t think I would tell them. By the time he gets home he will no doubt be OK, and they would have worried for nothing.

We still haven’t had any more mail since I got that one letter from you. Sure wish they would bring some in.

Think I will say good night darling. I love you very much – always!

Love George