Thursday, October 7, 2010

Letter Home 07-20-1944

Thursday 2100


Hello Darling:

I was just not in any mood to write last night, and I still am not tonight. However I guess I will at least say hello anyway.

The reason I fell bad is about George Burgess. He had a nervous breakdown, and I just heard about it yesterday. I guess it happened the day before.

There is one good point about it. He is being sent home. They say he should be OK when he gets out of here. I sure hope so. He was supposed to be evacuated today, but the plane he was going on had a bit of trouble, so I don’t know if he got out today or not. I suppose they will take him to one of the hospitals in the rear area for a while first.

I hope they don’t keep him there long. The best thing for him I think would be to get him out of here entirely as soon as possible. Or sooner! I sure hope he comes out OK on it. He is one good guy.

I don’t know if they notify his folks in a case like that or not, and I don’t know if it would be a good idea either. Just something that would worry them some more. Perhaps it is best to simply let him get home and then tell them he is there. I don’t think I would tell them. By the time he gets home he will no doubt be OK, and they would have worried for nothing.

We still haven’t had any more mail since I got that one letter from you. Sure wish they would bring some in.

Think I will say good night darling. I love you very much – always!

Love George

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