Friday, April 30, 2010

Letter Home 05-22-1944

Monday 1530

Hello Darling:

We had a rather un-busy day today. At least my flight did. We were supposed to fly the last mission this afternoon, but they just called flying off.

It is a good thing they did too, because two of us missed the truck to go down to the line. We though it was 3 o’clock, and instead they left at 2:30. I don’t know if they would have fired us or not, but I am happy that I don’t have to find out.

We had a lecture this morning on Jap naval craft. It was very dull, and uninteresting. They had the same thing again this afternoon. That is the way they work their lectures. If you are flying either in the morning or afternoon you can still attend the lecture, because they have the same one twice.

I just took stock of my laundry situation, and find it very bad. They did have some kind of a laundry service down at the bottom of the hill. I hope it is still going! Otherwise your lazy husband will have to play laundress one of these days.

I guess that is all I have to talk about today sweetheart. Except my lovely wife. I always like to talk about her. On account of I love her so much.

Love George?

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Letter Home 05-21-1944

Sunday 1210

Hi Honey:

I got a nice cooking again in church this morning. We did not fly, so I had a chance to go.

The building they have been using seems to be getting demolished however. I don’t know if it is going to be torn down completely or not, and neither did the chaplain. So maybe services will be out in the jungle next week.

We just through with a swell meal for a change. They had some good pork chops for dinner. Not only that but they had ice creams for dessert, and an ice cold drink. I don’t know how they managed to get the ice and everything, but it was good.

The ice cream doesn’t seem to have the creaminess of ours at home. We had figured that it must be made from powdered milk. It was kind of dry, and left our mouths feeling fry. It was still good though if only because it was a rare treat.

Everyone is taking it easy now with fat, contented looks on their faces. A couple of guys just came in trying to get a card game started, but no one is interested.

Speaking of card games I have been playing a wee bit occasionally, and have been holding my own fairly well. I have not won much, but it was enough for what little expenses we have here. I don’t think I’ve even spent $5 to $10 since I’ve been here. Which means that come pay day I will have more money than I can possibly use. Except to play with. So instead I think I will send you some for our future happiness together.

I think I will take a nap, and digest this good meal. I love you very much darling. Take good care of you for me? &

Love George?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter Home 05-20-1944

Saturday 2100


Hello Darling:

We had a fairly busy day today. Even though we are not ambitious we do like the days we are busy best. It makes the time go faster a trifle at least.

We had a flight up around Dobodura and Salamoa. I enjoy those rides. Most likely I am spelling those names wrong. They have such fancy named places around here that I have trouble pronouncing them. Let alone spell them.

This afternoon we had to see the dentist. They lost our dental identification records somewhere, so they had to make new ones. In the process of examining our teeth the dentist naturally found two cavities of mine. I don’t know when they are going to be filled. I wonder too what kind of tools the guy might have to work with! I don’t like dentists anyway and they may be even rougher here.

Tonight we had another nice lengthy lecture. It was on plane identification, and took 2 ½ hours. On each plane they had some old pilots around here tell of their experience with the types that may be in this area. It was interesting in that way at least.

The boys got back from their trips today. They had been weathered in there. However they could not find any mail. We were all fairly sure there would be some, but no dice. That is getting to be monotonous isn’t it? I mean my talking about the lack of mail all the time. From now on I won’t mention it honey. If my letters also get monotonous from carrying on a one sided correspondence till I do get mail though, please excuse it eh?

I love you sweetheart. All the time you are in my thoughts, and really near to me even if we are thousands of miles apart. I love you!

Love George?

Letter Home 05-19-1944

Friday 2100


Hello Darling:

I did not write to you last night. Not because I was too busy. In fact it was just the opposite. All I did was have one flight in the morning. The rest of the day I did practically nothing. So when night came around I was going to write but I probably would have just grumbled, so I decided against it. You might get the idea I am unhappy here, but I’m not really. Just the lack of mail made me a trifle disgusted yesterday.

I had some fairly good news yesterday though. There is a fellow named Anderson here that used to be in the 341st. He is here temporarily as a kind of instructor. I’ve been talking to him ect, and mentioning the fact that I hoped to get in the 348th again.

Well yesterday he was up to see the boys for some reason, and when he came back he told me what he heard. The C.O. of the 341st is Major Moore. He used to be the operations officer back in the States. The old C.O. Major Campbell was transferred to another outfit.

Anyway Major Moore had put in a request that I be assigned to the 341st. Then the Col. that does the assigning assured him that I would be. I hope that is not all rumor. It seems to me that I would have a better time in an outfit that I know a lot of the boys.

It certainly will be a strange coincidence if I am assigned to it. I never expected to see the boys again when they left the States a year or so ago.

I saw Gibb tonight. He is just back from a leave in Australia. He had 3 quarts of beer with him too. It was hot of course, but still good. I hadn’t had any in so long.

A bunch of the boys went on a ferry trip this morning. They hoped to stop at a place where we think our mail might be. They did not get back yet, so we don’t know if they got any or not. I sure hope they did! They said when we came here that air mail from here to the States and back usually takes three weeks. We have been here that long, so we are beginning to expect some answers to the ones we wrote when we first arrived. Besides what should have been forwarded long ago.

That seems to be the news of the day. I sure am happy about getting in with the old gang. I hope nothing goes haywire now.

I love you darling. Very, very much indeed –

Love George

Monday, April 26, 2010

Letter Home 05-17-1944

Wednesday 1600 05-17-1944

Hi Honey:

The same old routine today. I had one ride this morning. We took a cross country although we did not land. We just buzzed the strip there and came home. We get a bigger kick out of going somewhere like that, than to just fly around here all the time.

The other day we were flying over Madang, Lae, and Pinchhaven. I am not sure they are spelled correctly. There are some nice looking places there. At lest they seem so from the air.

I hate to seem like I am griping darling, and if it sounds like it I am not directing it your way. However, all of us are getting fairly disgusted about the lack of mail. It certainly seems like they could get it here by this time. It gets king of hard to write letters all the time, but never receive any. It has been one long time since I’ve heard from my lovely wife, and I miss her letters too. I hope they get on the ball soon.

This afternoon we had a lecture that did not amount to much. It was about high altitude effects on the body, and we have all had them time and time again in the States.

Tonight we should get to see a movie. I hope it is a good one. The other night they had Tarzan, and it was plenty corny.

I guess that is about all I have to talk about today sweetheart. Except to remind you that I love you very much –

Love George

Friday, April 23, 2010

Letter Home 05-16-1944

Tuesday 2030


Hi Honey:

I got in on the cross country I missed Sun. this morning. We took a bunch of airplanes there, and flew back in a transport plane. It was a nice trip both ways.

While I was at this other strip I ran into a couple of the boys I knew before. I sure am finding a lot of fellows I used to know. I’ve still got my fingers crossed hoping I get in one of the Squadrons in the 348th.

We had another big lecture today. Or rather I should say tonight. We just got back. It was long enough. We were there for 2 ½ hours. They have usually been fairly interesting, so we don’t mind too much. Also we don’t have much else to do.

I forgot to mail you letter this morning. In fact I left in such a hurry I forgot my sun glasses and my cigarettes. We got up a bit late this morning. No one woke up till 6:45, so we only had 20 min to get ready, eat, and be down at the bottom of the hill to meet the truck.

One of the boys here in the hut evidently likes ketchup even better than you do. A couple of them just got arguing about breakfast, and this guy said the only way he likes pancakes is with ketchup on them. He would eat it on anything if he could get it.

I got off on a tangent there. I was telling you about forgetting your letter. I did not get back till 4 o’clock this afternoon, so I just mailed it before supper. It will probably be going out in the morning with this one.

I love you sweetheart very much. Always and all ways –

Love George

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Letter Home 05-15-1944

Monday 1630


Hello Darling:

Who do you think I saw at noon today? It was George Burgess. He and a couple of other boys from his Squadron were here to pick up some planes.

He looks good. All tan ect. Evidently his trip through the jungle did not bother him too much. No matter how good his health is here though he thinks it would be a lot better at home. He and all the rest of them are eager to go home.

However he said he mentioned that to his C.O., and the answer he got was to forget about it for eight months or so. He does not know for sure if the C.O. was kidding or not.

He was glad to see someone from home too, and also he asked about you. He told me to say hello when I wrote to you so, “Hello!”

I had one flight this morning, and when I came back we had another lecture. I saw George just after that, and we shot the bull until one o’clock. He had to leave then so I only saw him for about two hours.

I just took a shower, already I am wringing wet. Also the flies in the hut seem extra busy today. They are always bad, but today they are worse. I guess we will have to start a big campaign against them.

Before these flies eat me up I guess I will say so long. I love you sweetheart very, very, much!

Love George

Letter Home 05-14-1944

Sunday 2030


Hello Darling:

I got to church all OK this morning, and lost about a pound sweating while I was there. Nevertheless I enjoyed it.

If I get this letter wet, and a trifle dirty around the bottom of the page please excuse it. It is because I just walked up the hill, and I am wringing again.

I missed out on a cross country today. It was my morning off of course, so I can’t blame anyone. A bunch of the boys had a nice trip though. Naturally I can’t tell you where they went. Not that it would tell you very much because you don’t know where we are. It is somewhere in New Guinea however.

I certainly am not going to be very interested in any travel movies of the South Seas after the war. Of course I am not seeing all the scenic beautiful places they have in those things, but I just don’t think I would care too much for it. Even though they do have some wonderful sunsets and beautiful nights here.

We just had another big screaming lecture tonight. That is where I just came from, and why I am so hot. I had to climb the hill. We always cuss this hill when we have to climb it, but it is a lot better to live on top of it as we do. We get a nice breeze starting around three o’clock.

Guess that is all the news of the day. I love you always darling. Every day more that the previous one if such were possible.

I love you!

Love George

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter Home 05-13-1944

Saturday 2030


Hello Darling:

Here we are on a wonderful Sat. night. All cleaned up, and no place to go. All the boys have been talking about what they used to do in the States on Sat. night. If course that was as civilians. The Army in the U.S. is not too much different in the fact that one day is just like the next.

I had two nice flights today. The one this afternoon was with a Flight Leader whose flying we don’t care too much for, but it was still good. He is a very good pilot, but his technique is rough on his wing men.

Tonight we had another lecture. Most of them have to be at night. It is the only time they can get experienced men to come and talk to us. They are busy working all day at their own jobs too.

The evenings here are usually very nice. It cools of around 5 o’clock, and there is a breeze. Tonight it is a little sultry, but not too bad. During the day is when the heat is terrific!

I am off tomorrow morning, so I guess I will get a chance to go to church.

I love you darling. Always and all ways! Just stay as lovely as you are till I get back. I love you –

Love George

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Letter Home 05-12-1944

Friday 2030

Hello Darling:

Boy we just cam back from seeing a real rooting, tooting, two gun western movie. It was one of Richard Dix best I guess. Plenty of fighting, shooting, and ham acting. It was entertaining at least.

These lines on this paper don’t work out too well for me. I guess I make my y’s g’s ect. with too big a loop. I will start trying to make them smaller so you can read this better.

I flew again today. There wasn’t any flight leader so three of us went up individually.

I met that guy I was telling you about that I knew in the 370th. He just came over here a couple of days ago. He is a replacement for P47’s too. I was mistaken when I thought he was flying twin engine stuff.

The heat ect. is still the same here. We have to keep reminding ourselves that it is winter here. There certainly will never be any snow. It would not last a minute.

I have a bit of a headache tonight, so I guess I will sign off now. I love you – lots – good night –

Love George

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter Home 05-11-1944

Thursday 2100


Hello Darling:

We finally got started at some flying today. We did not do much. Just a little formation ride around the local area. We took a look at several landing strips, and that was all.

We usually fly two missions a day the way the schedule is set up. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. One man in each flight has half the day off also. However this afternoon no one flew because the planes weren’t all in proper shape.

It sure makes a lot of difference in the way the time goes when we fly. When we have something to do the day seems shorter by far. I hope they continue now to keep us fairly busy.

Tonight I’ve been trying to teach Paulson to play cribbage. He sure is having a tough time figuring out how to count. Maybe after a bit of practice he will learn. Then if we can teach one more guy in the hut we might have some 4 handed games.

Every time I play cribbage I think of you. Remember the very pleasant evenings we spent playing it together? I always wish I were home playing with you instead of one of these jokers. Just to be home with you would be swell in fact.

I saw a fellow today that I thought I’d met before, but he is in a P38 outfit, so I could not figure out how I may have met him. Later I remembered that he was in the 370th Group. He was a guy that always wanted to fly twin engine planes, because he was an airline pilot before the war. Evidently he finally got in them. It sure is strange the way we meet guys that we have seen before like that.

I love you very much sweetheart. Don’t work too hard and take care of you for me. I love you –

Love George

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Letter Home 05-10-1944

Wednesday 1400


Hello Darling:

Taking life easy again today. The best thing we have done here so far is wait for something to happen. We are becoming expert loafers. By the time we do begin flying we will use a few days getting back in the mood for work.

According to the schedule set up today we are to fly tomorrow, so we can get started at last. We haven’t had so much as a lecture today, and it doesn’t look as if we will either. That trip to a native village is still put off also.

One of the boys that started out with us from Richmond got in the hospital in San Francisco. He developed a sore throat on the train going west. He was in the hospital when we left the Sates. Today he showed up here, so that makes our gang complete. We all got here finally. Now all we have to do is wait a year or two till we can go home I suppose. That seems to be how long everyone thinks we will be here.

I just happened to notice a mention of the fact that Mother’s Day is May 14 in a magazine. I can’t very well get a card or anything to send Mom, but perhaps you will take care of that. Anyway, convey my greetings and best wishes when this letter gets to you.

I got some more air mail envelopes today. That is why I am writing this instead of Vmail. I hope this paper shortage that that Lt. mentioned the other day does not affect my writing to you. I don’t know how these letters will be arriving to you, but I hope they come every day, and not in bundles with long lapses in between.

I guess that is because I love you very much, and like to tell you about it every day. I really am nuts about you darling.

Love George

Monday, April 5, 2010

Letter Home 05-09-1944


Hello Darling:

I am out of air mail envelopes tonight, so I guess I will have to use this Vmail. We have been arguing about which is the fastest, and can’t agree. Some say air mail, because of the time involved in photographing these V letters. Maybe you can tell me from the length of time it takes for my mail to get to you. We only had a couple of lectures today. We did get assigned to Flights though, so we should begin flying soon. They are also trying to get a trip planned to take us out to a native village. It hasn’t panned out yet, but one of these days we will probably be going out. Everyone says most of these villages are pretty dirty, and not too enjoyable to hang out in, but it is worth visiting one just to see them. The natives always want “Two Bob” also. That is about 32 cents. It is their favorite question to try to beg “Two Bob” haven’t any more room, so for now good night. I love you very, very much –

Love George

Friday, April 2, 2010

Letter Home 05-08-1944

Monday 1930


Hello Darling:

Here I am again with practically nothing to say. We don’t ever do anything to talk about, so our letters must get pretty dull at times. Most of the time in fact!

I am using Baker’s pen tonight, and I like it better than mine. I only started to use it because it was handy at the moment. It is just like mine, so I can’t understand why I should like it better. Maybe its because I dropped mine on the point about a week ago.

Four of the boys are playing rummy, and one of them is cussing out the cat. We have a little kitten here, and it is right in the middle of the game. They are playing on a cot, and he jumped up there too. They guy that doesn’t like it just hates cats in general, and this one in particular. It seems the cat was over in his hut the other day, and decided to take a nap in his bed. While he was there he had a call from mother nature, so he let go on the bed. So he doesn’t care too much for the cat!

We had a couple more lectures today. One was on censorship, and it was pretty interesting! From the way the guy talked some of us will be censoring the enlisted men’s mail in the squadron we go to at some time or other. Our mail as officers is usually allowed to go through with our own certification. That is by our signing the envelope in the lower left hand corner. All they do is spot check ours occasionally. He also stressed writing on one side only even though we have a paper shortage.

Think I will sign off for now. I love you very much sweetheart. Take good care of you for me –

Love George