Thursday, April 29, 2010

Letter Home 05-21-1944

Sunday 1210

Hi Honey:

I got a nice cooking again in church this morning. We did not fly, so I had a chance to go.

The building they have been using seems to be getting demolished however. I don’t know if it is going to be torn down completely or not, and neither did the chaplain. So maybe services will be out in the jungle next week.

We just through with a swell meal for a change. They had some good pork chops for dinner. Not only that but they had ice creams for dessert, and an ice cold drink. I don’t know how they managed to get the ice and everything, but it was good.

The ice cream doesn’t seem to have the creaminess of ours at home. We had figured that it must be made from powdered milk. It was kind of dry, and left our mouths feeling fry. It was still good though if only because it was a rare treat.

Everyone is taking it easy now with fat, contented looks on their faces. A couple of guys just came in trying to get a card game started, but no one is interested.

Speaking of card games I have been playing a wee bit occasionally, and have been holding my own fairly well. I have not won much, but it was enough for what little expenses we have here. I don’t think I’ve even spent $5 to $10 since I’ve been here. Which means that come pay day I will have more money than I can possibly use. Except to play with. So instead I think I will send you some for our future happiness together.

I think I will take a nap, and digest this good meal. I love you very much darling. Take good care of you for me? &

Love George?

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