Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Letter Home 05-13-1944

Saturday 2030


Hello Darling:

Here we are on a wonderful Sat. night. All cleaned up, and no place to go. All the boys have been talking about what they used to do in the States on Sat. night. If course that was as civilians. The Army in the U.S. is not too much different in the fact that one day is just like the next.

I had two nice flights today. The one this afternoon was with a Flight Leader whose flying we don’t care too much for, but it was still good. He is a very good pilot, but his technique is rough on his wing men.

Tonight we had another lecture. Most of them have to be at night. It is the only time they can get experienced men to come and talk to us. They are busy working all day at their own jobs too.

The evenings here are usually very nice. It cools of around 5 o’clock, and there is a breeze. Tonight it is a little sultry, but not too bad. During the day is when the heat is terrific!

I am off tomorrow morning, so I guess I will get a chance to go to church.

I love you darling. Always and all ways! Just stay as lovely as you are till I get back. I love you –

Love George

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