Monday, April 26, 2010

Letter Home 05-17-1944

Wednesday 1600 05-17-1944

Hi Honey:

The same old routine today. I had one ride this morning. We took a cross country although we did not land. We just buzzed the strip there and came home. We get a bigger kick out of going somewhere like that, than to just fly around here all the time.

The other day we were flying over Madang, Lae, and Pinchhaven. I am not sure they are spelled correctly. There are some nice looking places there. At lest they seem so from the air.

I hate to seem like I am griping darling, and if it sounds like it I am not directing it your way. However, all of us are getting fairly disgusted about the lack of mail. It certainly seems like they could get it here by this time. It gets king of hard to write letters all the time, but never receive any. It has been one long time since I’ve heard from my lovely wife, and I miss her letters too. I hope they get on the ball soon.

This afternoon we had a lecture that did not amount to much. It was about high altitude effects on the body, and we have all had them time and time again in the States.

Tonight we should get to see a movie. I hope it is a good one. The other night they had Tarzan, and it was plenty corny.

I guess that is about all I have to talk about today sweetheart. Except to remind you that I love you very much –

Love George


Sanjay Maharaj said...

These letters are filled with love for the most important person. I enjoy reading them

Brian said...

Thank you very much! It amazes me how even being thousands of miles apart did not affect their love for each other.

Hope you continue to enjoy.