Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Letter Home 05-10-1944

Wednesday 1400


Hello Darling:

Taking life easy again today. The best thing we have done here so far is wait for something to happen. We are becoming expert loafers. By the time we do begin flying we will use a few days getting back in the mood for work.

According to the schedule set up today we are to fly tomorrow, so we can get started at last. We haven’t had so much as a lecture today, and it doesn’t look as if we will either. That trip to a native village is still put off also.

One of the boys that started out with us from Richmond got in the hospital in San Francisco. He developed a sore throat on the train going west. He was in the hospital when we left the Sates. Today he showed up here, so that makes our gang complete. We all got here finally. Now all we have to do is wait a year or two till we can go home I suppose. That seems to be how long everyone thinks we will be here.

I just happened to notice a mention of the fact that Mother’s Day is May 14 in a magazine. I can’t very well get a card or anything to send Mom, but perhaps you will take care of that. Anyway, convey my greetings and best wishes when this letter gets to you.

I got some more air mail envelopes today. That is why I am writing this instead of Vmail. I hope this paper shortage that that Lt. mentioned the other day does not affect my writing to you. I don’t know how these letters will be arriving to you, but I hope they come every day, and not in bundles with long lapses in between.

I guess that is because I love you very much, and like to tell you about it every day. I really am nuts about you darling.

Love George

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