Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Letter Home 05-14-1944

Sunday 2030


Hello Darling:

I got to church all OK this morning, and lost about a pound sweating while I was there. Nevertheless I enjoyed it.

If I get this letter wet, and a trifle dirty around the bottom of the page please excuse it. It is because I just walked up the hill, and I am wringing again.

I missed out on a cross country today. It was my morning off of course, so I can’t blame anyone. A bunch of the boys had a nice trip though. Naturally I can’t tell you where they went. Not that it would tell you very much because you don’t know where we are. It is somewhere in New Guinea however.

I certainly am not going to be very interested in any travel movies of the South Seas after the war. Of course I am not seeing all the scenic beautiful places they have in those things, but I just don’t think I would care too much for it. Even though they do have some wonderful sunsets and beautiful nights here.

We just had another big screaming lecture tonight. That is where I just came from, and why I am so hot. I had to climb the hill. We always cuss this hill when we have to climb it, but it is a lot better to live on top of it as we do. We get a nice breeze starting around three o’clock.

Guess that is all the news of the day. I love you always darling. Every day more that the previous one if such were possible.

I love you!

Love George


Lori said...

These are incredible letters. Thank you for sharing.

Brian said...

Thank you for reading them, and I hope you continue to enjoy them.