Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Letter Home 05-19-1944

Friday 2100


Hello Darling:

I did not write to you last night. Not because I was too busy. In fact it was just the opposite. All I did was have one flight in the morning. The rest of the day I did practically nothing. So when night came around I was going to write but I probably would have just grumbled, so I decided against it. You might get the idea I am unhappy here, but I’m not really. Just the lack of mail made me a trifle disgusted yesterday.

I had some fairly good news yesterday though. There is a fellow named Anderson here that used to be in the 341st. He is here temporarily as a kind of instructor. I’ve been talking to him ect, and mentioning the fact that I hoped to get in the 348th again.

Well yesterday he was up to see the boys for some reason, and when he came back he told me what he heard. The C.O. of the 341st is Major Moore. He used to be the operations officer back in the States. The old C.O. Major Campbell was transferred to another outfit.

Anyway Major Moore had put in a request that I be assigned to the 341st. Then the Col. that does the assigning assured him that I would be. I hope that is not all rumor. It seems to me that I would have a better time in an outfit that I know a lot of the boys.

It certainly will be a strange coincidence if I am assigned to it. I never expected to see the boys again when they left the States a year or so ago.

I saw Gibb tonight. He is just back from a leave in Australia. He had 3 quarts of beer with him too. It was hot of course, but still good. I hadn’t had any in so long.

A bunch of the boys went on a ferry trip this morning. They hoped to stop at a place where we think our mail might be. They did not get back yet, so we don’t know if they got any or not. I sure hope they did! They said when we came here that air mail from here to the States and back usually takes three weeks. We have been here that long, so we are beginning to expect some answers to the ones we wrote when we first arrived. Besides what should have been forwarded long ago.

That seems to be the news of the day. I sure am happy about getting in with the old gang. I hope nothing goes haywire now.

I love you darling. Very, very much indeed –

Love George

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