Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Letter Home 05-11-1944

Thursday 2100


Hello Darling:

We finally got started at some flying today. We did not do much. Just a little formation ride around the local area. We took a look at several landing strips, and that was all.

We usually fly two missions a day the way the schedule is set up. One in the morning, and one in the afternoon. One man in each flight has half the day off also. However this afternoon no one flew because the planes weren’t all in proper shape.

It sure makes a lot of difference in the way the time goes when we fly. When we have something to do the day seems shorter by far. I hope they continue now to keep us fairly busy.

Tonight I’ve been trying to teach Paulson to play cribbage. He sure is having a tough time figuring out how to count. Maybe after a bit of practice he will learn. Then if we can teach one more guy in the hut we might have some 4 handed games.

Every time I play cribbage I think of you. Remember the very pleasant evenings we spent playing it together? I always wish I were home playing with you instead of one of these jokers. Just to be home with you would be swell in fact.

I saw a fellow today that I thought I’d met before, but he is in a P38 outfit, so I could not figure out how I may have met him. Later I remembered that he was in the 370th Group. He was a guy that always wanted to fly twin engine planes, because he was an airline pilot before the war. Evidently he finally got in them. It sure is strange the way we meet guys that we have seen before like that.

I love you very much sweetheart. Don’t work too hard and take care of you for me. I love you –

Love George

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