Monday, April 5, 2010

Letter Home 05-09-1944


Hello Darling:

I am out of air mail envelopes tonight, so I guess I will have to use this Vmail. We have been arguing about which is the fastest, and can’t agree. Some say air mail, because of the time involved in photographing these V letters. Maybe you can tell me from the length of time it takes for my mail to get to you. We only had a couple of lectures today. We did get assigned to Flights though, so we should begin flying soon. They are also trying to get a trip planned to take us out to a native village. It hasn’t panned out yet, but one of these days we will probably be going out. Everyone says most of these villages are pretty dirty, and not too enjoyable to hang out in, but it is worth visiting one just to see them. The natives always want “Two Bob” also. That is about 32 cents. It is their favorite question to try to beg “Two Bob” haven’t any more room, so for now good night. I love you very, very much –

Love George

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