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Letter Home 06-12-1944

Monday 0915


Hello Darling:

We got some mail last night, and among the letters were two from you. They were #17 and 27. These guys that handle the mail here certainly have some time mixing things up don’t they?

You said you were wondering if we might have had some mail waiting for us when we got here, and we all got a kick out of that after the time we have had with the mail. We flew over here in just a shade less than two days, and we did not have any address till we got here, so we could not expect any for a while.

I don’t know if I should write much news in my letters to you or not honey. If you read them, and don’t see it. Like not even noticing my telling you I was in New Guinea. Perhaps if all you like to hear is the love stuff as Al calls it, I should just write a couple of pages of that. I think I could do it very easily too.

However I suppose that may have been an accident, so I am going to continue to write at least a little bit about what news I can. Whatever I am writing about though darling the love stuff runs all through all my letters. If no place else you can read it between the lines.

I also got a letter from Mary (John’s Mary) and she said you had been down for a weekend. You probably wrote about it, but I haven’t got that letter yet. I am glad you went, and I hope you had a good time.

George Burgess’s dad is no doubt very ready and willing for George to come home. Well George is even more ready to go I would say. I too think they deserve a trip back too, and hope they get it soon. Both George and his “Old Man” are pretty swell Joes in my estimation.

I don’t know how this film business will work out. We can not send undeveloped film home. The censors want to see what we took pictures of. On the black and white it is fairly simple. There is a place in Australia that is either run by the Army, or under their supervision, I am not sure which. At any rate they get the film developed there, and censor it. Also there is usually a photo unit in practically all the Squadrons, and they will sometimes develop the film for the boys.

Of course I suppose I can just take the pictures with the colored film, and save it till I got home. However little as I know about this camera business it seems to me to be a long time to wait to have them developed. They will no doubt spoil.

We will find out all the angles of such things by the time I come home as you said though darling.

You know since you asked me if I miss “Betsy” I’ve been thinking about it, and although I do in a way I really would not have much use for her. There is no place to go, and even on this hill that I cuss so much I doubt I could use her. I don’t think she could make it up the darn thing. The only vehicles they allow up the hill here are Jeeps, and even they have quite a time grinding their way to the top. So best she live out her last days in peace back in the good old U.S. Of course I hope whoever has her now treats her as gently and with the proper respect as I did! Ahem!?!

Do you ever find any little brown ants in your mail from me? I have often wondered, because we have a million of them crawling around here all the time.

In the letter I wrote yesterday I put an air mail stamp, because the envelope I had was not one with postage paid on it, even though it was an air mail one. The stamps I’ve got are all stuck together, so I could not stick one on the outside. So I just left the envelope open, marked it on the outside that the stamp was in the envelope and sent it. Let me know if you ever get it eh? If it is a success perhaps I will find some use for these stamps after all.

I love you darling – Always and all ways!

Love George?

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