Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letter Home 06-03-1944

Saturday 1630


Hello Darling:

This has been a red letter day today. I finally got a letter! Just a little old V-Mail one, but a letter from my lovely wife! It sure is swell to get one at last I must say.

I agree with you on this V-Mail. It doesn’t have near enough room to say anything. I only use it when I have to. I got some air mail stamps the other day, but now I can’t use them. They are all stuck together. All of our envelopes and stuff get that way. However the air mail envelopes usually have a little glue left on them when we rip them open, so we can still use them.

The guy that went on the cross country yesterday brought back this mail. There were two of the 8 of us in this hut that got mail. Paulson got 5 letters. One was from someone who had been numbering their letters as they wrote them. He got #5, and none of the first 4. They certainly have our mail messed up!

I will probably have this one of yours memorized by the time I get another one. I have already read it 3 times. I wish Baker would sit down. Every time someone walks around the hut the whole place shakes.

The boys are highly disgusted with the mail situation. They are threatening to ostracize (I bet that is spelled wrong) Paulson and I because we got some mail.

One of them just wrote 2 letters. Each one had about 4 lines to it. He says he is through writing now till he gets some mail. You have no idea what a letter means around here.

I was all hot, dirty, and disgusted till Wurtz brought your letter in today. We flew this morning, and came back sweaty and tired figuring on taking a nice shower, only to find no water. We were quite fed up with the whole affair.

The boys right now are trying to wash up a bit with what little water they have in their canteens.

We took a little cross country ourselves this morning. We were up over Wan and Bololo. They have some fine names to try to write around here.

Last night the show was the one about the woman’s ferrying squadron. It may have been good to other people, but all the pilots found it very corny. Also there was a lot of this old flag waving in it that we got fed up with. Otherwise it was not too bad.

I was just thinking the other day about Johnny Black.

He must be over here somewhere. Maybe if you told me his Squadron number, and APO number I might find out where and run across him sometime.

Baker is accusing me of writing a manuscript because I got a letter today. Well to me it was worth it. I sure am a happy pilot tonight thanks to my darling wife.

I love you very much sweetheart. Seems like you are extra close tonight. Guess I will go read your letter again. I love you –

Love George?

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