Friday, May 7, 2010

Letter Home 05-27-1944

Saturday 2100


Hello Darling:

We just came back from another lecture. Part of it was lousy, and part of it good. They had an old gunnery film they were trying to show, and most of us had seen it. Then to top that they had to run it twice. The sound track was not connected the first time. We got tired of sitting through that.

The part that was good was a talk by a Col. out of the intelligence office. He really had some good stuff. All the latest dope on the whole South West Pacific area. A lot of it I can’t write about of course, but it was all good. We seem to be licking the Jap everywhere we have met.

His air power has been greatly weakened around this area especially. Our losses in comparison to his are negligible. In fact they lose more planes in the states training then they do around here. Practically never do they lose any to the Japs. Nearly all the accidents they have here are due to our own fault. So here is one little pilot that is going to be as cagey as possible. On account of I love my wife very much, and want to come home and live with her for lots of years to come yet.

Just as we were leaving the meeting Major Smith told us there would be another trip to that native village today. Everyone let out a loud groan, but he said no one had to go. It would be strictly a volunteer affair. I don’t know how many of the boys will get discouraged by what happened the last time.

We had a fair show last night. Warner Baxter in “Crime Doctor.” It was an old picture, but a fairly good one. They always have 6 or 7 shorts along with the movie. We don’t mind that too much except when they are official films for the Armed Forces alone. Most of them we have seen in the States. Still the movies give us something to do.

I love you very much darling. Take good care of you for me eh?

Love George?

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