Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Letter Home 05-26-1944

Friday 1630


Hello Darling:

The boys that went to the native village yesterday really had quite a time. They could not get the boat they used in close enough to shore, so they had to use a big native outrigger canoe to get in.

On the way back to the boat they had it overloaded, and the sea was rough, and it sank. They spent 2 ½ hours in the water before they could be picked up.

Quite a few lost their wallets, and I guess some of them had nice cameras too, and they either lost them, or they were ruined. Some mess indeed!

To top it all off they had lost so much time that they did not get back to the harbor till after 6 o’clock. There is a submarine net at the mouth of the harbor that they close at 6 sharp, so they could not get back in.

They sent Morse code messages with flashlights trying to talk their way in. All of them wracking their brains to remember the code they had been taught. After all their work the only reply they got was one word – “Laughter” They had to stay out till they opened it again in the morning.

A lot of them spent the night on the boat. Some went out to a small island about a mile or so off the mainland. None of them had a very comfortable time of it. The sea was rough for those on the boat, and the sand crabs bit the ones on the island, so they could not decide who had it roughest.

At lease those two trips have given us something to talk about. Things here have been fairly monotonous otherwise.

I hope they have a good show tonight. They did not have one last night even after the rain postponed the one Wed.

I love you darling – lots and lots –

Love George?

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