Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Letter Home 06-01-1944

Thursday 1430


Hello Darling:

I did not go to the show last night even though they had one. It was still raining when they were showing it. Not very hard I must admit, but I don’t think that much of the shows to sit in the rain to see one.

At the moment there is a big argument about a cribbage hand going on. One guy is not even in the game, and never played it, and he is trying to tell the two that are playing that they miscounted a hand. Everyone feels that if he thinks he knows so much about the game he should play it. And also they all want to play him for a shilling a point or so. From what I can gather of his way of figuring the boys really could take him.

We still have not been paid. I was over to the finance office yesterday, but only to send you that money. That was what I had from my last month’s pay, plus maybe just a little I may have won. Tonight they say they are going to pay us though, so I will be back in the chips again.

I did not fly today. If I remember correctly I am scheduled to fly tomorrow. I hope we either have some gunnery, or take a cross country. Those two I like best.

That fellow that we hoped would get us some mail (to bring up an old subject again) came back empty handed. He went to visit his brother. Until yesterday I did not know he had a brother, or that he was over here. He accomplished that part of his trip.

I guess that’s the news of the day darling. Except the always big news (at least to me) that I love you very much. Always and all ways. Take care of you for me?

Love George

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