Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Letter Home 05-25-1944

Thursday 1800


Hi Honey:

Some more of the boys went on that trip to the native village, and they are not back yet. We certainly are sorry for them if they have to spend the night there. I don’t really think anything like that will happen, but we have been wondering about them.

I lost the little bottle lighter Mom gave me yesterday. I always carried it down to the flight line with me, and that is where I lost it. I had better keep a good eye on my Ronsom now, or I will be out of luck.

I don’t think I told you about the day we fixed it, or did I?

Anyway it would not hold fluid for any length of time. Otherwise it was ok. So we took all the cotton out of it, loosened it up, and replaced the wick in a way that it will be absorbing more of the fluid. So far it is doing good.

Which reminds me. I meant to ask you to get me a few flints if you will. I think you could just put them in one of your letters. They are not very big you know.

After all I wrote yesterday I’m just about out of news today, so I think I will quit for now.

I love you sweetheart – very much!

Love George

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