Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Letter Home 06-08-1944

Thursday 1900


Hi Honey:

In reading over your letters again I got to thinking about what you said about our being separated, but still we are together in love. I thoroughly agree with that. Once in a while I wish we were not so far apart, or rather I should say I always wish we weren’t. However most of the time I still feel close to you, and don’t mind it too much. I just feel that eventually we will be together, so until then we just have to keep faith and wait.

We were kept pretty busy today. We had two lectures this morning, and then my flight flew this afternoon. I like a rather full day like that. It keeps me occupied, and makes the time pass much faster.

We certainly are getting a gang of pilots in here. They are over running the place. It seems to me they will have to get rid of us soon. They won’t be able to handle all the men that are here. We are all ready to leave too!

Some of these new boys are from Bradley. I don’t know them very well. They were new trainees that came in just before I left. I do remember some of their faces though.

From what they say about how things are going back there I am glad we are over here. I never did go much for that instructor job, and now it is even worse than it was. The only thing good about it would be that I might get to see you occasionally. That is worth putting up with a lot of things I may not like back there.

Our stationary situation is not too good. In the whole hut I think there is just this pad and one more. I hope we find some soon.

We were arguing about writing on both sides of the paper, and decided we should. I think so too because of our paper shortage. I’ve been wondering if you were only writing on one side of the sheet in your letters because of the censors. If so you don’t have to worry. They don’t bother mail coming this way.

I love you sweetheart, always and all ways –

Love George

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