Monday, May 17, 2010

Letter Home 06-07-1944

Wednesday 1500


Hello Darling:

Yesterday was a red letter day in a lot of ways. They started the invasion of Europe, which is world news. And I got 4 letters from you. That was most important at the moment. I got #18, 20, 35, and 36, and I don’t know where the rest might be.

One of them mentioned your being sick. You were not all better when you wrote it, but I sure hope you are by now. Perhaps I’ve been lucky in not receiving the one about your getting sick. I would have had to worry for a long time till I got this one that says you are recovering.

These “Ankle Your Girdle” things sound a bit complicated to me. I can’t quite imagine how they work, but if they do and help you keep happy, they must be OK. I thought you would be throwing all your girdles away by now. Or didn’t that diet you were going on when I was home take off as much weight as you expected? I don’t mind though honey. Even if you waste away to a shadow! I will still love you.

This hill that you get such a kick out of doesn’t appeal to me, and it doesn’t seem to be taking any weight off of me. I got weighed at the Allied Officer’s Club the other day, and I weighed 12 stone 5 lbs! A stone is 14 lbs, so I weigh 173. That is about what I did weigh.

One thing I think I am very apt to lose is my hair. It is really thin, and seems to be receding around my temples a bit. Perhaps I will come home bald. Would you mind that much?

Last night we had a lengthy lecture, and during it the news of the invasion came in. Everyone let out a yell for that! There was even a bit of drinking going on to celebrate it. I did not see any of it myself, but this morning the boys were talking about it. I bet there were some wild times in England and the U.S.

After the lecture we came back to the shack, and I was going to write you when the lights went out. We had a blackout, but not because of any air raid. The generator for the power went blooie, so we had no lights.

We just got our cigarette ration about a half hour ago. One carton per man, and we don’t know when they will have more. No one had had any hardly from the last 4 or 5 days. I also got a couple of cans of tobacco. Now I have to try to find a pipe. That seems impossible around here. Maybe I will get one from you one of these days.

You mentioned that we do not seem to have much to do, and most of the time that is true so far. When we fly we really work hard, and in this heat it wears us out, but other than that it is not bad. In fact at times it is downright monotonous. That is when it begins to get on our nerves, and that mail is really wonderful to get.

I think that is most of the news honey, and I am going to stop writing and read instead. Read those 4 letters I got yesterday!

I love you very much sweetheart. Take care of you for me? I hope your sore throat is all gone by now. In fact gone long ago! I love you –

Love George?