Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Letter Home 05-30-1944

Tuesday 1145


Hello Darling:

After just taking a shower I fell a lot better. It really gets hot in that cockpit in this weather. After each mission this morning I was wringing wet.

Last night we were supposed to have a movie, and I was going to write to you after that. However it took so long for the show that it was very late when we got back. I was tired and had to get up early to fly, so I went to bed right away without writing. I hoe you don’t mind?

The reason the show took so long was the sound track on the films was evidently shot. You could hardly understand anything when it was working and they had to stop it frequently to loop it again. Each time they took 10 or 15 minutes at it, but it still was terrible.

It was a good picture too. Betty Grable in “Coney Island.” One scene in it showed a hot dog stand doing big business, and you should have heard the moans and sighs from the boys when they saw those red hots! I think nearly all of them would have paid plenty for one right then. Little things like that can mean a lot over here.

This hut is turning into a cribbage outfit I guess. Since Gould and I started it about 4 others have learned to play it, and nearly every day there is a red hot game going.

We haven’t had any lectures in the last few days. I think the Major is out getting some more inside dope lined up. I hope if he is that the news is as good as it has been lately.

I guess I best go eat some dinner. Good bye for now. I love you very very much!

Love George

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