Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Letter Home 06-09-1944

Friday 0930


Hello Darling,

It looks like a day of rest ahead of us. I am not flying, and we don’t have any lectures to attend. The only guys that are busy are the ones that are flying. I guess I will just log a bit of sack time till the show tonight. If it is a stinkeroo like the one Wed. I will have to be all rested up to be able to sit through it.

They had one Mon. night that really was good. “Up In Mabel’s Room” was the title. There weren’t any outstanding stars in it particularly, but the ones in it played their parts very well. It was about the funniest picture I’d seen in a long time. Hope they have one like that again.

One of our boys went down to the line to see if he could catch a ride in one of the bombers. If there is one going up where our mail is he is going to try to bring some back. I sure hope he succeeds.

One of the boys was talking about his “Ever Loving Sweet Smelling Wife” the other day when we got our mail, and someone else said that he did not call her that all the time. When he does not get mail he words it a bit different, and calls her his “Ever Smelling Sweet Loving Wife.” I still say you are my “Ever Loving Sweet Smelling Wife” whether I am lucky enough to get mail or not though.

I fact I just consider myself lucky to get mail occasionally, because all the luck in the world must be on my side just to have you for my wife.

I love you – very much. Take good care of you for me won’t you.

Love George

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