Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Letter Home 06-14-1944

Wednesday 1600


Hello Darling:

I was very lucky yesterday. I got two more letters from you and one from your Aunt Martha in Mass., and one from John. Naturally I was glad to get all of it, but mostly I was interested in your letters.

Aunt Martha also mentioned Jack being around this area somewhere, and hoped we might run across each other some time. I already knew he was here from one of your letters.

Speaking of your letters, the ones I got today were #19 and 25. Or I should say I got last night. I got them at suppertime. Just before we went down to the intelligence building for some combat films. When we got back I was going to write, but first we listened to Bob Hope. Then of course there was a big bull session, and in the midst of it the radio quit and the lights went out. We waited for a long time for them to come back on, but finally had to give up and go to bed.

This pad I am using is another shipment of supplies we just got in. I got two pads. I don’t know if we will be able to get more later or not. While it lasts you will hear from me though. I also got a new supply of air mail envelopes, so at least for a while I won’t have to use Vmail.

In one of your letters you mentioned sending me some stationary. It would no doubt come in handy, but I don’t think you should include envelopes if you do send some. They would most likely just get all stuck together so I could not use them. And unless they were Air mail envelopes the stamps we get are stuck long before we can use them. A wonderful place New Guinea.

I was just finishing a book today that was all about some sailor that got captured by some natives on one of these South Sea Islands. It is a cinch it was not anywhere near here. Not from the description of such good looking specimens of humanity the natives were. All of them seemed to be big six footers, beautifully built ect. And the girls were all lovely. Well all the ones around here are very much the opposite. They are the homeliest, ugliest bunch of humans I have seen in a long time.

Tonight is our night to have a movie. Last Mon. night it rained, so most of us did not go. Evidently they did not think it was raining too hard, because they still had the movie. I for one do not relish the idea of sitting in the rain for a show and I doubt if I ever will. So I hope it doesn’t rain tonight. Seems like lately it has rained only on days when we have movies, but I suppose it really isn’t that bad.

That is nearly all of the news of the moment darling. I guess I will write to Aunt Martha now. She said she hoped to go to Mich. Some time this year. Perhaps in the fall, and naturally she wants to see you and your family. Seems she has a soft spot in her heart for you. Personally I can’t blame her.

You not only have a soft spot in my heart. You have my whole heart! I love you sweetheart very much. Take care of you for me –

Love George

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