Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Letter Home 06-19-1944

Monday 1600

Hello Darling:

There seems to be a difference of opinion as to the date, and I do not have the calendar you sent me handy, so I will try the 19th. I am fairly sure it is Mon.

Yesterday I did not write, because we moved. They got us up at 4 o’clock in the morning. The plane we took left at 5:30. Then we had to wait around when we got here to get transportation. We finally arrived in the camp area around 10 o’clock or so.

After seeing about signing in ect. we had lunch. Then we spent the afternoon fixing up our new happy home. We had to go out in the jungle a bit to cut some logs for the tent poles ect. It took all afternoon to get it fixed up.

After we got it ready we had to go get our cots and mosquito nets and all. That took more time to get all that set up, and by that time it was just about shower time.

They have a well here, and a pump. They pump the water up into a big tank, and when it is full it is shower time. It is opened up and runs to three showers till the tank is empty. So you have to be there for a shower when it is running.

They have a schedule for officers and enlisted men. Each of them are allotted about two hours a day. It is some sight when 15 to 25 men out here in the open jungle are trying to hurry up and take a shower, especially when there are only 3 showers.

After supper I was ready for bed. I am not sure whether I would have written last night if we had lights or not. I know I was plenty tired. That was about the first real work I had done in a long time. Besides getting up at 4 in the morning. It was too dark to do anything but go to bed, and that suited me.

Oh I almost forgot that we also had a meeting shortly after supper. We met out Squadron C.O. and the operations Officer. They told us a little about their policies, and what we will be doing here. All we are here for is some more aerial gunnery. We are not permanently part of this Group. After we finish here we will be assigned to the outfits we will stay with. Some of us will stay with this Group, but most of us will go to other ones. I am still hoping to get in the 348th.

I was interrupted here to go eat. Speaking of eating, the food here is swell. It is pretty much the same food we got before, but they certainly can fix it better. It isn’t deluxe or anything like that, but we enjoy it.

I was about to say that I would have to quit writing, because it was getting dark. We did rig up a line for some lights today, but they were not working. Then all of a sudden just now they came on. They have a generator that is not very big, and it does not go on till dark.

All we get per tent is one 25 watt bulb, because of the small generator, but it helps a lot. If we had a radio we could not play it unless it worked on batteries. The guy that was in our hut back there that had the radio did not come with us. Probably when he comes he will live in a different tent, and we still won’t have any radio.

It is time for a movie we are having tonight darling. Do you mind if I wait till tomorrow to finish this story? I love you very much – always –

Love George

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