Thursday, June 10, 2010

Letter Home 06-21-1944

Wednesday 1815

Hello Darling:

Since we have been here I have received 6 letters from you. Five in one bunch, and today I got another one. This one was #23. Some day they will get things straight.

I got up in the air today. We had an aerial gunnery mission. Not very many hits in the target, but it was fun just the same. We can’t tell who got the hits either. They do not have the facilities to paint the bullets.

You were asking if we had anything to drink. Up till yesterday we haven’t had any. However they got a bunch of whiskey and gin and brandy in here yesterday. All the boys in the Group chipped in to send to Australia for it. They used on of the bombers to make the trip.

They say we will get beer over here sometimes this year. I will believe it when I see it. It is a rumor that we will be given about 26 cans a month. I hope it comes through.

We can’t drink very much here. So you don’t have to worry about me drinking to excess. I found out today that it can’t be done. I had some brandy last night, and I was all tired out today. In this heat it just knocks the vitality out of a guy. So from now on I am going to keep my drinking down plenty. I would like to get a beer occasionally though.

They just set up a little bar in the “Officer’s Club.” It is a tent with a table in it! They use grapefruit juice and water to mix the stuff in. The chlorinated effect of the water naturally adds to the flavor of the drink. There is a slight charge of one Florien per drink. That is about 32 cents.

You were asking me about the money we use. It is Australian, but it is just like the English use. The value of money is a little different that’s all. I will put a pound note in this letter to let you see what they are like. I don’t have a half pound note right now. When I get one I will send it to you also. One pound is worth $3.22.

A Florien is a coin about the size of a 50 cent piece, and is worth two Shillings, or as they say here, “Two Bob.”

We had a movie last night, or no, that was Mon night wasn’t it. It was a musical comedy “Hey Rookie.” It was not too good, but there was some pretty fair dancing and singing.

I can’t think of much more to say at the moment. Except to tell you that I am very much in love with you. Yes Indeed! I love you –

Love George

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