Thursday, June 17, 2010

Letter Home 06-25-1944

Sunday 1900


Hello Darling:

Boy I just hit the jackpot. I got eight letters from you. They were very old ones, but still lovely to read. Some of them were forwarded from Richmond even, so you can imagine how old they are.

I got my answer to the question I asked you about the bags and the money I sent home. I sure didn’t realize that we had as much in the bank as we do. If I can just send some more home occasionally while I am here, perhaps we might have a fair little nest egg to work on eh? I hope so. We will no doubt need it to use when I am digging ditches.

I am kind of glad that you don’t feel like going out to get drunk with anyone but me. Of course I don’t expect us to really get drunk anytime. But I do enjoy a couple of drinks occasionally. Especially with you. I should really say I simply like to be with you. There doesn’t have to be any drinking last night.

They had the bar open last night, and I went over with Ward to have a couple. That was all I wanted, and that was what I had – exactly two drinks. Ward got to working on the gin though, and got feeling pretty good. He was quite tight in fact!

I got a kick out of him when he came rolling back to the tent. All of the rest of us were in our sacks already, and he was rambling on and on. He was very happily wound up, and said he like a nice quiet drunk like that. It brought back so many pleasant memories. No one had the imagination ect that a drunk like that has. He just kept going along that line till he fell asleep.

I don’t doubt that it does arouse pleasant memories, but it is not the least bit necessary really. When a guy has a lovely wife like you he doesn’t have to use anything to help arouse pleasant memories. They are with me all day long.

Ward said he hoped our wives realized how much we appreciate them.

If anything we appreciate them more when we are so far away. He wouldn’t trade being married to his “Little Old Sweet Smelling Ever Loving” wife for a million dollars. I sure agree with him. I am much too happy being married to you. No one could put any monetary price on that.

You know I think I will sign off early tonight. I feel too full of things I’d like to say any of them. I’ll just lie down on my sack and read your letters again.

I love you very much darling. Take good care of you for me won’t you? I love you –

Love George?

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