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Letter Home 06-20-1944

Tuesday 0900


Good Morning Honey:

I don’t suppose you can picture your lazy husband doing any work, but that is just what he has been doing since he hit here. We have all been busy getting our happy home fixed up.

Yesterday we worked on fixing up a wash stand. We got a couple of steel helmets to wash in, and a big steel barrel to keep water in. The only trouble is that the barrel used to have kerosene in it, and still has a bit I believe. We tried to clean it out, but I don’t know how well we did.

We too it over to the well where they pump out the water for our showers, and pulled up water to wash it out with. They have a hole next to the well with a big pail, and a long tow rope attached to it. You let the pail down, and when it fills up you haul it up hand over hand. It is about 25 ft deep too, so you have to work a bit.

This morning a gang moved out of an area right near ours here, so we have been over there seeing what we can pick up. We got 3 tables, a couple of cabinets, and enough lumber to build some chairs. We are really fixing up our little tent. It won’t be long in fact till we have more tables ect in here than we have cots.

While we are here we are going to try to live in as much New Guinea luxury as we can. If nothing else we will have some fun, and a lot of laughs out of it.

You said something in one of your letters about people telling you and Mom how awful and smelly ect it is over here. It really isn’t as bad as they make it. The only smelly place I’ve seen was Guadalcanal. It was a bit muddy and not too sweet smelling, but I am not there now, so I can be happy about that.

We find quite a number of things to get a kick out of. For instance, I’ve seen the Milky Way and the Southern Cross. They are some stars you can’t see from the States. Even though the weather gets bad for flying it is wonderful scenery. The big white clouds with mountains sticking up through them, and beautiful sun sets. There is a lot here to enjoy if you look around a bit.

Of course there are times when we (at least I am speaking for myself and I think for the other boys too) don’t feel quite so happy about being here. It gets hot, when it rains everything gets damp and moldy, the mud gets bad, sometimes we get sick of bully beef, and a few other things. If a guy wanted to just find things wrong with the place he could do so plenty, and be griping all the time.

We all grip occasionally, and so on, but little things make it OK. The movies we get. Even if we cuss them for continually braking while they are being shown, and are usually a bit old. Still it is entertainment. The big thing in most of the boys eyes though is mail. A letter from home can do wonders. Usually they are read over and over, but they somehow retain their same freshness even after being read 4 or 5 times. They don’t even have to have much news just to hear your loved ones ramble a bit about the little routine things at home is all that is necessary.

I am getting all philosophical here aren’t I? One might think I was in the dumps. I am not really. I am just trying to answer some of the wonderings of yours in that letter.

Nearly all of the boys are a swell bunch. There are one or two that none of us enjoy too much, but we just don’t pay too much attention to them. The ones I am living with now are “Eager Beavers.” That is why your lazy husband has been working. Those 3 make the rest of us ashamed to be lying on our sacks watching them work, so we have to pitch in and do some work on fixing up our home.

I had best be doing some work right now too. They are building some chairs ect. I will write more about this Heaven in New Guinea tomorrow.

I love you sweetheart. Always and all ways. Take good care of you for me won’t you? I hope your sore throat is all better too and does not come back again. I love you –

Love George?

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