Monday, June 21, 2010

Letter Home 06-26-1944

Monday 2130

Hello Darling:

I may get this letter written tonight, and then again I may not. The lights are starting to act up. They fade out till there is just a glow, and then come slowly back again. As yet they haven’t gone off for any length of time, so I hope they last.

I got three nice letters from you today. One included the lighter flints. Thank you very much darling. Also these came in their usual very correct order. I got #33, 39 and 49. I don’t think I will ever get straight on them, not till I get a big pile. It doesn’t bother me though. New or old, mixed up or otherwise it is always a pleasure to hear from you.

Now that our radio is gone we have to listen to an impromptu concert from one of the other tents. Usually there are two cornets, but tonight they have a saxophone helping them out. They aren’t good, but still not too bad. The only real difficulty is the way they get on one tune and practice it all night. With no noticeable improvement I might add! We used to be able to drown them out with the radio, but now we have to listen to it. Maybe by the time the war is over they might become real musicians. For anyone’s sake that has to listen to them I sincerely hope so.

Since we have been here we have been able to get crackers and cookies through the Squadron supply. They are rationed a box or two per man every month. So with the crackers, and the occasional fruit we get, and the cans of peanut butter and jam we can swipe from the mess hall we have occasional little snacks.

I don’t know if the food that is lying around attracts the ants, but we sure have enough of them. They were here before we broke loose with any chow for them though, so I don’t think that is what brings them. We have them in bed with us, and when we sit around reading, writing, playing cards, or whatever – they come crawling up on us. They are small brown ants and can become a wee bit annoying at times.

We were talking about that tonight and thinking of how ants always show up to bother people at picnics. Anyone that spends any time over here shouldn’t have to worry about that much. Or about any bugs for that matter. We have every variety ever seen in the U.S. I do believe, and about a million new ones. Some of them are really dandies. The weirdest looking thinks imaginable. They don’t bother us too much. Mostly they spend their time and energy dive bombing the lights at night. Some of them sound like dive bombers too!

All in all this isn’t a bad place to be. There are a lot of laughs every day to help make thinks agreeable. Like the guy that came in for a landing yesterday. We have three landing strips here that are fairly close together, but still quite distinct. Even flying here once is enough to orient a guy. Still this joker came in and peeled off to land on strip three, and on his approach se somehow got switched over to strip one. He is still being kidded about it.

I think the lights are due to go out soon. Before they do I must fix up my sack. Put my mosquito net up ect. Then to bed and I hope dream of my very lovely wife. I love you sweetheart. Very much and all the time. I sure hope this ends soon, so I can be with you all the time. I love you –

Love George?

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