Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Letter Home 06-29-1944

Wednesday 1700

Hello Darling:

This is Thursday I found out after putting Wed at the top there. That is how things go here. We can’t keep track of the days. I just took someone else’s word that it was Wed, and that started a slight dispute, so I looked it up on your little calendar.

We had a long meeting last night, so I did not get around to writing to you. It was on a new jungle kit, and they went through it completely. By the time they were through it was sack time. I hope you don’t mind too much darling.

I also had something of importance to tell you too. The night before last they had the bar open again. I don’t know where they got it, but they had ice for the drinks. What a difference that makes! They were about 500% better. I only had about 5 drinks.

I don’t think we are going to get paid on time this month. We are not assigned to this outfit, so we can’t get it with them. In fact, they are wondering how and where the money will come from to pay them. It is a good thing we don’t need much money around here. I am broke as far as actual cash goes. I’ve still got the travelers checks I brought with me from the States though. Why they told us to bring them I don’t know. We get paid in the money they use here, so why use checks?

I just got interrupted to go eat. We had bully beef, so I only ate soup. They do have very good soup here. It was onion soup, and we all ate 2 or 3 bowls at least. We had some fresh eggs this morning for breakfast. That is what we enjoy most I guess.

The most important news I have is something that I like very much. Some of us have been assigned to the 348th Group, and I am one of them. That is just what I have been hoping for. Now when we get to the Group I hope I am not disappointed. I don’t think I will be though.

I know when I am leaving here of course, but I can’t tell you. You will know when I can do so though. I also will get a new APO# and then I can ask you to send me some things, now that I am permanently assigned to the 348th.

I sure will be glad to get up there with the boys, and start doing something. We had enough of aerial gunnery and training ect back in the States. If we aren’t ready by now we may as well give up and I don’t think we need to do that. I believe all these boys are good pilots.

I guess I will have to loose your letters now that we will have to be moving one of these days. I don’t have room to carry them. I think I will read them over before I do though. Best I do that now eh? I love you very much darling. Take care of you for me won’t you?

Love George.

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