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Letter Home 06-24-1944

Saturday 2000


Hello Darling:

The mail man slipped up today. He actually delivered one of your old letters. It was only two months old. Exactly that to the day. It was written on April 24. It is the first one I have received from my old APO# I had in Frisco, and #4 in the beginning of when you started to number them. I enjoyed it very much though. I don’t mind if they deliver old letters to me. Just so I get mail from you is all that matters.

Last night I did not write, because I felt lousy. As soon as we finished supper I came back to the tent, and hit the sack.

However it did not turn out to be anything serious. I feel swell today. I guess I just ate some bully beef that did not agree with me. Or maybe it was the shock of having fresh eggs the day before. We had fried eggs for breakfast, and ham and eggs for supper. Then we had them for breakfast yesterday morning again. When they do get a few fresh eggs I guess they have to use them up in a hurry. They sure taste wonderful. No one is ever going to convince me that powdered eggs and dehydrated food can compare with the real McCoy.

It looks as if we will lose our radio. The guy that owns it is being sent back to where we just came from. It seems those three that got help up were not supposed to come here. They just told the boys to come, but they really had no orders to send them on. So now they have real orders to go back. Perhaps the matter will be straightened out and they will be back. We all hope so – we are going to miss the radio. Much more than the three guys! Even though they are pretty good eggs.

One of our boys went to the hospital the other day. He started off by having the G.I.s – the trots to the folks at home. By the end of the he was as weak as a kitten, and running a pretty high fever. We thought he might have had malaria. We went up to see him this afternoon, and found he didn’t. He had Dingy. That seems to be a double or triple dose of the G.I.s.

He is OK, and should be back in a couple of days. We are not flying much, so he really isn’t missing a lot. Just a little aerial gunnery.

There is one thing I haven’t seen the boys doing since we got here. That is play poker. In fact there hasn’t been any gambling. All they have played is bridge, hearts, 500, cribbage, ect. No money involved in any of those games. It’s angering!

Not that there isn’t any gambling going on, These guys that are permanent members of the organization really have some screaming poker games. Maybe none of us have had enough money to get in the game explains why none of us have been gambling. Payday is coming!

I don’t have any more news at the moment darling, so I think I better say goodnight. I love you sweetheart always and all ways. Take good care of you for me won’t you? I love you.

Love George

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