Monday, July 12, 2010

Letter Home 07-12-1944

Wednesday 1600

Hello Darling:

Here is a sample of our new money. We just got paid yesterday. I meant to send you this last night, but I forgot it. It is one Guilder, and is worth 53 cents. Since they are only worth half as much as American bills it seems as if we are getting an extra amount when they pay off.

However it should help remind us more of the value of money. When we had Aussie stuff we did not really pay attention to its value. The boys would throw Pound notes and 5 Pound notes around like our dollar bills and five spots.

Actually they would be spending $3 on the Pound, and $15 on the 5 Pounders. With these we can throw a whole handful around, and not spend very much.

Money doesn’t mean much over here though. For example two buck privates from some infantry battalion were around here today that had a Jap rifle and a mortar gun. They wanted to trade them for some whiskey. They would not sell them either. Money was of no use to them. They could not spend it if they had any. They only want something they can use right now.

My stationary supply is running very low. I don’t think they have any in the PX either, so perhaps you could send me some? I don’t know what pads like this would be best. I have plenty of air mail envelopes now. I laid in a supply just in case we hit a spot where we can’t get them.

I’ve been trying to get some laundry for about 4 or 5 days now. They washed it the first day, but ever since it had been wet. Just when it begins to get dry it starts to rain again. Today has been a pretty nice day though, so perhaps I will finally get some clean clothes. I sure need them!

This is the last sheet in this pad. I’ve got one more to last a while longer though. I guess I will quit for now too.

I love you sweetheart lots and lots –

Love George?

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