Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter Home 07-06-1944

Thursday 1430

Hello Darling:

It is so hot today that I am wringing wet. I’ve got the afternoon off, so I though I would log a little sack time. I tried it, but I was soon lying in a pool of water, and had to give it up. I will try to cool off talking to you. I don’t know if that will work though, because I always feel warm and happy when I think of what a lucky guy I am to have you for my wife. I sure do love you darling.

Well look who just walked in! Burgess no less. He wants we should go take a swim, and lie around the beach a while. I will be back later to finish this later. Bye for now.

Here I am again. We just finished up supper. There were sausages for a change. I am not over fond of these big fat sausages they have in the Army, but it was still better than Bully Beef!

George and I had a pretty nice lazy afternoon down on the beach. I don’t care too much for salt water, because I can’t swim very well, and every once in a while I was swallowing some of it. Not a very satisfying drink either.

I hear tell they have some Coca-Cola tonight. It is rationed so everyone gets 4 glasses a month. The cooling machine had been busted the past week though, so there were no cokes for anyone. Best I get over to see about getting some of it.

I dreamt up something else you could send me. I’d like a pair of shorts. Maybe there was a pair in the clothes I sent home. I don’t mean underwear. It is khaki I want to use when we play volley ball ect. I have been considering cutting the legs off a pair of trousers, and I may do so yet. However they would not last long if the weren’t hemmed, and naturally if I cut them they won’t be. So if you could send me a pair I would appreciate it very much.

I think I will go see about the Cokes now. I love you lots and lots honey. I hope you are well and happy.

Love George

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