Monday, July 12, 2010

Letter Home 07-11-1944

Tuesday 2130

Hello Darling:

I am soaking wet tonight, so I think I had best get to bed early. We went to the show to see “Johnny Eager”, and it started to rain when it was nearly over. Naturally we had to see how it cam out.

That wasn’t the worst of it though. We were using my sack to sit on at the show, so it is wet too. The bottom half of the air mattress is fairly dry, so I guess I will get by. I put two blankets on it to help absorb what water is on it.

We had a quart of whiskey a few nights ago. George Burgess came over the second night we had it, and the two of us each had one drink apiece out of it. The rest of the boys hadn’t even touched it. Last night George came over again, and we were going to have a drink, only to find the bottle gone. Isn’t that a heck of a note? Someone swiped practically a whole quart on us. Next time we get a hold of a bottle we will sure hide it.

The whiskey is combat whiskey. After each mission all the pilots are supposed to get a shot if they want it. They don’t issue it that way here. Every tent gets a bottle occasionally instead. I guess it is every couple of weeks. So we have to wait a while to get another one.

Someone has a Victrola around here and they are playing a lot of old numbers that remind me of you. I sure hope the day comes soon when we can listen to a few records in the front room together. Maybe if I am not too lazy I might even ask you to dance with me to a couple of them. Would you?

Think I will crawl in my sack now darling. I love you very very much – always!

Love George

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