Thursday, July 8, 2010

Full Color Photos of the 341st Fighter Squadron in New Guinea 1944

George M. Barnes

George M. Barnes

George M. Barnes and his plane, "Little Edie" named after his wife Edith

George M. Barnes (Left)
George M. Barnes (Right)
George M. Barnes (Center)

R to L: Harold "Junior" Wurtz, Kenneth A. Steel, George M. Barnes, Harold P. Stangol

The "Jenny"

George M. Barnes and the "Little Edie"


371fg said...

A great series of pictures, thank you for sharing! Would it be possible to use some of your blog P-47 pictures in a 348th Fighter Group-related book project? Credit to you of course. Please contact me at:

Lionel said...

Holy Smokes! Was just going through your Blog and there was my DAD! The 3 photos of your grandfather in front of the A 'Bee' Line mustang. That was my dad's plane. He is in two of the photos: Albert Barnwell Line didn't think much of his middle name (an old family name) and he never used it. He went by Albert B. Line or A. B. Line for short. He was commonly called 'AB' or 'Abby'. He was a replacement pilot for the 341st joining the squadron in Dec 1943 in Finschhafen and flew P-47D's for over a year until the group was given P-51D's in January of 1945 at Tanauan, Leyte, Philippines. I have never seen these pictures!

I was going through my father's Pilot Log and Army Air Corps records and was tracking his time in the 341st and your blog was a surprise. My dad died in 1972. Please feel free to contact me any time. Rob Line