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Letter Home 07-08-1944

Saturday 1930

Hello Darling:

We had a nice day of rest today. The weather was bad, so we could not fly. It rained all last night, and all morning. This afternoon it stopped raining, but the weather still was no good for flying.

Three of us happened to be down at the beach this afternoon when a couple of guys were going fishing, so we went along. They had one of the landing barges to cruise around in, and it was quite a nice ride for the afternoon.

There were 5 of us fishing, but only one guy caught anything. He got a kingfish that I imagine must have weighed around 10 or 12 lbs. It was nearly 2 ft, or so long. The rest of us just fished – period!

Last night just as I started to write you they called us all over to the C.O.’s tent. I thought it was to be a meeting of some kind, but found out different. He had three or four quarts of whiskey, and was having a bit of a party. Most of the boys – no I should say only a few – got to feeling pretty good.

One of the reasons, or perhaps the only reason, for the party was to celebrate the promotions of three of the boys. Morrison, Wheeler, and Blend got their Captaincies, so they had to celebrate.

Along about 10 o’clock I was getting read to leave, when I met with a slight accident. One of the boys was standing in front of me with a drink in his hand, and someone hit his arm. Nearly all the drink hit me right in the face. I was blind from the whiskey in my eyes, and was trying to get it out, when someone decided to help me. He took a glass of water, and threw it in my face. Kind of rough first aid, but it sure felt good.

Well that settled it I was soaking wet, so I left. I came back here to the tent, and took off my clothes. Then I was going to write you, but my eyes still burned, and it was beginning to give me a bit of a headache. I hope you will excuse me (and the boys) for the little mishap. Am I forgiven?

I found out that I can tell you a little more about where I am now. I am not in New Guinea any more. I am on a little island off its coast. Can’t say what one.

You remember I said we lived quite a distance from our strip? Well in fact we are living on another island. The two of them are quite small, and very close together. We take a barge across the water that separates them every morning when we go to work. It is a pretty nice set up.

I guess that’s all the news for tonight darling. Except that I love you very much – always I do!

Love George?

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