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Letter Home 07-04-1944

Tuesday 1800

Hi Honey:

I am finally in the old outfit. When we got here to the Group the rest of the boys had not been assigned to Squadrons yet, but they had me all slated to get back in the 341st. It sure is nice to be here with the old gang. They haven’t changed any. Still a pretty swell bunch I think.

You are probably wondering what I have been doing, because I haven’t written for two days. I did not mean to neglect you darling. We were too busy, and I did not get a chance to do any writing.

The first day we spent coming here. Then yesterday we had to go through the process of building another happy home. Besides doing that we had to dig a fox hole. Up till now we did not have to do that. However they have had a few raids here, so it behooves us to invest in one.

Usually the raids here only consist of a very few planes, and they never drop bombs in our area. We are quite a distance from the planes and everything. The Japs don’t have hardly any planes left in this area. What the bombers (ours) did not wreck on the ground, our fighters have taken care of in the air. Most of the boys haven’t even seen a Nip since around March. They still keep their eyes peeled of course while patrolling though.

I like it fine here. We can go swimming if we want to, and there are practically no bugs or mosquitoes to bother us. The food is fairly good. Except that we still get too much bully beef. Those are all just minor discomforts. On the whole it is a nice set up.

Last night we did not have any lights. We got our tent set up and all, but we had no wire and stuff to use. We remedied that today, so when it gets dark tonight we should have some lights.

We had an air raid alert the other night, but we did not see anything. The big guns of the Ack Ack boys were shooting at something, but nothing came of it. All it meant was a loss of about an hours sleep.

We crawled in our fox holes and waited, but nothing happened. Those big guns certainly blast when they go off. It really shakes the place every time on goes.

Seeing them and hearing them remind me of fireworks, which in turns reminds me that today is fore crackers day, the 4th of July, and that reminded me that Dad has a birthday today. So although this might get to you a month late will you wish him a happy birthday for me?

I don’t know when Mom’s birthday is, but if you let me know I will try to remember to wish her a happy birthday when it comes. In case I am already too late wish her one for me anyway.

George Burgess has a dog here, and she just had ten pups recently. I haven’t been over to see them yet, but he says they have had a lot of laughs from them. The dog is an Australian Retriever or something like it.

Another of the boys has a Cocker Spaniel that just had pups. Three of them, and they are cute as the devil.

Best I sign off for now sweetheart, or I won’t have anything left to tell you tomorrow. I enjoy talking to you too much, and get to rambling occasionally. Do you mind?

I love you very much darling. Always and all ways –

Love George?

P.S. – I’ve got a new address.

341st F.S. – APO #565 Unit 1

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