Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Letter Home 05-07-1944

Sunday 2100


Hello Darling:

Today was a trifle different than the usual routine. Only because I went to church. Otherwise it was just like any other day.

It was really hot in church too. At least outside the building there was a breeze, and I did not feel quite so warm. When I got inside though I really got wringing wet in a hurry. They have the Red Cross building for religious services, and there was not a breath of a breeze in it.

This afternoon we had a lecture on weather. There was supposed to be a weather man coming to talk to us, but he was late. So the major started telling us about the weather around here. In the middle of his talk this other guy showed up. He just sat in the back, and listened. When the major got through he did not have anything to say. He just agreed with everything we had just been told.

We had a couple of fairly good meals today. Instead of the usual bully beef we had pork chops for dinner, and tonight we had some pretty nice chili. The rest of the menu was the same – potatoes, and raw onions, and greens. They must have a lot of onions here because we get them practically every day. It is a good thing I like them at least a little bit. I certainly don’t go for this bully beef. Especially when they make “ersatz” hamburger out of it. I can stand it better if the just leave it as is, and perhaps warm it up a bit.

The water is off in our little shower this evening, and as far as I know it is still off. We may have to start going to the one they have rigged up down at the bottom of the hill. It is easy going down, but a lot of work coming back up.

They have another show over in a different area occasionally, and there was one tonight. I did not go because I’d seen the picture. It was the “Pride of the Yankees.” Another discouraging feature of going is the walk over there. It is a 15 minute walk there, and a 45 min walk back. It is this hill that makes the difference.

In case I haven’t told you lately I love you very, very much.

Love George

P.S. Baker just came over and started squawking about something, and what did I do but mess up the address on the envelope. I wrote Baker instead of Clifford. I used the envelope anyway, because they are not too easy to get here. I hope you don’t mind my absent mindedness too much. I still love you – lots! I never get absent minded about that!

Love George

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