Friday, March 26, 2010

Letter Home 05-04-1944

Thursday Evening


Hello Darling:

I am far from sure of the day and date, but I think that it is close enough to call it Thurs. Time doesn’t mean much here. All it is is another day closer till we can (I hope) go home.

I am trying out my new stationary this evening. I just got my ration of two pads for the month. It seems a lot of things are rationed here. Tomorrow is the day for cigarettes. We are supposed to be able to buy 4 cartons a month, but lately they have been cut a bit to two.

I guess the only way you can send me a package is for me to request something. Then you have to take the letter to the post office. Anyway, will you send me some cigarettes and some #828 film if you can get it? It will probably only take a couple months to get here.

We did not fly today. All we had was a couple of lectures. I think we have another one tonight too. At least that is the latest rumor.

We have to take Atabrine tablets every day, and the boys are saying that is what makes us turn yellow. They are little yellow pills something like (quininze?) Protection against possible malaria.

Here it is 10 min to 6 and Kay Kyser is on the radio. It certainly is strange to hear these programs at odd hours like this. It should be Wed, but because of being this side of the date line we get it a day later.

We tried a new card game today. Fan Tan for a change. It is a pretty good game that quite a few can play. I made out better later yesterday in the cribbage game too by the way. I knew his luck could not last forever.

I love you sweetheart. Very much indeed. Outside of that there isn’t much other news. Take good care of you for me eh? I love you.

Love George
(a little anyway)

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