Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter Home 05-06-1944

Saturday Afternoon


Hi Honey:

How are you this bright sunshiny afternoon? The sun is really boiling down here today. There are about 5 of us sitting out in this sun trying to get a bit of a tan. I never stay out in it long though. It would not take long to get a good burn.

We were having a nice little rummy game, but it got broken up. There is this one guy here that none of us enjoy having around, and he came down and got in the game. Everyone suddenly lost interest in playing and here we are out in the sun.

I heard today that we would not start flying until next week. They have some other pilots that got here before us and they are going to be finished before we get started.

We had a couple more lectures though. One was on weather. In this hot climate it does not take long for large clouds to build up, and we have to watch the weather closely. When in doubt turn around and go home.

That is one very nice thing about this area. They never holler if you decide you had better turn around. Any time you don’t like an airplane you don’t have to fly it, and no one says a word.

One of the boys had a minor mishap the first (and only) time we flew, and nothing was said. Back in the States there would be screaming and hollering for weeks. It was his own fault of course. He landed too far down the runway, and just rolled into a ditch at the end. Nothing was hurt. They simply had a bit of work getting it out.

They had the picture “Sahara” at the show last night, but I had a small head ache, so I skipped it. I hope there is a good one Monday night.

I hope you are all well and happy, and account of I Love you very, very much. Thousands of miles away or not, I still love you – lots!

Love George

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