Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Letter Home 05-05-1944

Friday 2100


Hello Darling:

I finally met one of the boys from my old outfit. His name is Anderson, and he came in here this morning. He is assigned to this Replacement pool here to help orientate new pilots. He was telling me all kinds of tales about the rest of the gang. They are still practically all there.

You know, I suppose I could tell you something about how those boys have been doing. I don’t think it is vital war information now. And I think it might help to lessen any worries you may have about me.

Anyway in the time they have been here, about a year I guess, they haven’t lost more that two pilots in any squadron in combat. A lot have had their planes shot up, but they still come home. This P47 is almost impossible for the Japs to knock down, and with all the fire power it has they are fast becoming leery of tangling with it.

Anderson was saying you hardly ever see any in fact these days, and all the boys have become utterly contemptuous of the Jap pilots. Not to the extent where they stick their necks out looking for trouble, but they don’t worry about them any more.

That rumor I was talking about last night of our having a lecture was very true. We had a nice long one. There was a major that spoke to us about rescue, and he talked for 3 solid hours. Still he did not cover all he wanted to.

Today we had a couple more, and it was at one of them this afternoon that Anderson got roped into talking a bit.

It seems as if we have been here a long time, and it is only a week. We feel a little like natives by now. It doesn’t take long to settle down here.

I love you sweetheart always and all ways! Take real good care of you for me won’t you? I love you –

Love George

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