Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Letter Home 07-16-1944

Sunday 1630


Hello Darling:

One of the boys in the other Squadrons got some mail the other day. Yesterday I think it was. That is the first any of us have received, so we are hoping that maybe we can look for some soon. We all have our fingers crossed.

I stopped in the Dentist’s office to get a drink this afternoon, and an enlisted man was reading a letter. He looked up and remarked that it was always the same old stuff. He wrote the same things home every day, and the letters he got were all alike. He seemed griped in a way.

That was his opinion. I don’t know how you feel about getting the same stuff from me all the time, but I certainly enjoy hearing all the little ordinary things that happen to you at home, and your troubles, thoughts, happiness, or what have you. I feel as if I am closer to you then, and sharing everything with you somehow.

They passed a new rule today that we have to keep our tents tidier. The beds have to be made unless you are in them during the day ect. I can’t see where there is much to making up a bed here. All I do is straighten out the blanket a bit.

On the tidiness of the rest of the tent there was room for improvement though. I had an old torn cot that I was in the habit of throwing all my stuff on, so instead of that I built a couple of racks to use today. Helped quite a bit too.

It is almost time to eat, so I think I will say so long for now. I love you very much sweetheart – always and all ways. I love you.

Love George

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