Saturday, September 11, 2010

Letter Home 07-17-1944

Monday 1500


Hello Darling:

At last we have hopes of getting some mail soon. I finally got one Vmail letter from my sister Mary. Now we at least think they know where we are, so maybe we will be getting some. I sure hope I hear from you soon. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your letters, nor how much I miss them when I don’t get any.

I saw the mail clerk of the Squadron a little while ago, and aked him if there was any mail, but he said no. Then he asked me if you still used green ink. He remembered it from back in Providence. I don’t know if I told you how Morrison asked about you when I first saw him or not. Anyway he asked how Miss Green was. Do you remember me telling you that is what he called you when we were at Westover living together. Just before we were married. Happy day that was! I sure am a lucky guy.

Stangel and I just got back from having a swim. We lie on the beach more than we swim I think. We just go in and get wet, then lie on the beach taking it easy.

One of the enlisted men just came in the tent with something for Wurtz. He is an operations clerk, and knows all the pilots. He asked me what I hear from Flint, and I said nothing lately. Doggone it! He is from Saginaw.

Well I can’t think of much to say today. It gets kind of hard to write when they mess up our mail so much. This one way traffic gets monotonous to us after an extended period like this.

I hope we have a movie tonight. Even if we have seen if before it is still something to do.

I love you darling very much. Take good care of you for me won’t you? I love you –

Love George

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