Monday, October 20, 2008

Letter Home 04-04-1945

Wednesday 2100

Hello Darling:

I almost decided not to write to you tonight, but since I missed last night I thought I’d better. The reason I was not in the mood to write was because I was sick as a dog last night, and although I feel quite a bit better today I am still not up to far.
Stangel & I took a trip to Manila yesterday. It was a sight to see, but I’ll not do it again the way we did – all in one day. We were riding that jeep for about 12 hrs out of the 15 we were gone. We past 230 mile on it. If I ever go again it will be a 2 or 3 day affair.
The city really is beaten up. All of the big (and most of the smaller ones) buildings are nothing but piles of rubbish. It will take a long time to rebuild it, and a lot of labor & materials. I had seen it from the air of course, but it was nothing like seeing it close up.
Part of the roads there are concrete, and in fairly good shape. I got a kick out of seeing gas stations again with their “Flying Red Horse” signs, Texaco ect. None of them in operation however. I understand the Japs took all the pumps to send to Japan for the metal in them. There are a few civilian cars running around, but I guess it is hard to get gas. It is mostly bootleg stuff. What the Japs left behind I think.
We ate in two different restaurants on the trip. One a Chinese & one a Filipino. They really soak for their food too! Three dollars for a quarter of a chicken, 30 cents for a cup of very weak coffee are a couple of samples.
Evidently something I ate did not agree with me, because by the time we got back here at 9 last night I was really sick. First I had such chills that I shook the bed. I climbed into bed as soon as I got here. I only waited long enough to drink a slug of whiskey. Then I started to run a fever, so Munfell & Craig decided they had better call Dr. Weddle. Our own Doc was gone yesterday. He took my temperature, and it was 102. It had all the ear marks of malaria, so this morning he took a blood smear on me, but it turned out negative.
Today I’ve had a headache, stomach cramps, and a case of G.I.s. The Doc has been working on me all day. I feel better, as I said, but not the best yet.
That should be plenty of my troubles for you for one evening. I am a little tired to. I haven’t had much pep today. I think I’ll say so long for now. Don’t worry about me – I am practically well now.
I love you sweetheart – always & al ways – take good care of you for me won’t you? I love you.



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