Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Letter Home 03-24-1945

Saturday 2200

Hello Darling,

The date on this may be a little off, but I know for sure it is Saturday. I often wonder if you get mad because I can’t remember, or keep the days & dates straight. I hope you don’t, because I will no doubt continue to do it every time I write. I just can’t ever seem to get things straight on that.
I’ve got three letters from you to answer, but I won’t attempt it tonight. There are a lot of the boys in the tent, and a lot has happened today to put my mind in a bit of a whirl. Perhaps tomorrow I will be a trifle calmer, and can write an intelligible letter. At any rate I will try.
You see today, or rather yesterday afternoon I lost my new job as Operations Officer. I was in office, you might call it, for two days. They were certainly hectic days! We had missions til they just wouldn’t quit, a couple of accidents ect. All in all it was a rat race.
However I did what I think was a half way decent job, even though a lot has happened. It was not any of my fault. That was not why I lost my job.
I’ve been thinking of ways and means to tell you this, but I guess the only & best way is to come out point blank & say it. It is going to be an awful shock though, and I would like to have you sit back in a chair – relax – don’t let it get you down ect. It is just as hard for me to believe as it will be for you.
Well – here goes – I am now the C.O. of the 341st Fighter Sqdn. Can you imagine such a thing happening to me? You had better say a few extra prayers for me to do a good job. I guess I will just learn by making mistakes, and I have already started out by making one of the biggest in the history of the Sqdn. I can’t explain, because it is too involved, but you can rest assured I did it. It was a good lesson though, and I don’t think I will ever do anything like it again. Before I make any statement like I did this time without knowing all the small details, I will go into it more thoroughly & then decide.
For a while it almost looked like we would have a revolution among the men. However we have a very good Adjutant, and he got me out of this one. Perhaps he will eventually be able to make a C.O. out of me. I hope I can learn to do a good job at any rate.
This happened rather unexpectedly, because Captains Exull & Fredenburgh left yesterday, and all on a moments notice, Major Zeine was told to pack up also. He is just going home to a gunnery school though, and should be back in about 3 months. In the meantime some one has to run this outfit and being the oldest ranking officer left I got it.
It makes me kind of prod that they picked me, because even if it is just temporary, the job of Commanding officer of a Sqdn. is rather large, and important. There is a lot of responsibility involved to have nearly 300 men’s affairs under one’s control. Capt. Craig (the Adjutant I just spoke of) tried to impress on me yesterday just how much power I have over these guys. My word is practically law. So you see why I’d like a few extra prayers that I can use that power properly. I’d sure like to make a good job of it.
Honey if my mail is rather erratic during the next week or so you will understand & forgive me won’t you. I’ve got so many things to do, places to see, and so darned much to learn!
It won’t be neglect because I want it to be. I love you much too much for that. Having this drop in my lap with no real preparation is going to push me quite a bit.
I will do my best, and I have a lot to write about, but if I slip a bit while trying to get in the swing of this please excuse eh?
I love you darling – and I need you in more ways than I can say. I love you – Good night.



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