Friday, September 5, 2008

News Clipping 1

The following news clipping is from the Detriot News. It is an announcement of Detroit area men who completed pilot training. Unfortunatly, the clipping is incomplete, only having the first row of pictures. However, there are still five men who are named in the clipping that I have, and I am trying to track down a complete version of the article.

The Detroit News – October 9, 1942

“36 More Pilots From Detroit Area Win Silver Wings”

The Army Air Forces’ seven advanced flying schools of the Gulf Coast Training center, with headquarters at Randolph Field, Tex., today graduated their ninth group of pilots since Pearl Harbor. One hundred and three fliers from Michigan, including 36 from the Detroit area (show below), received their silver wings and commissions as second Lieutenants. The names in parentheses are those of the fields from which they were graduated. The men from Foster, Moore and Lake Charles are fighter pilots; the others pilot bombers.

Lloyd R. Armstrong – 13983 Robson – (Ellington)

George M. Barnes – 17140 Prairie – (Foster)

George S. Butler – 14591 Penrod – (Moore)

James A. Cummins – 581 W. Hollywood – (Foster)

Thomas J. Forkin – 714 Drexel – (Lake Charles)

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