Monday, August 25, 2008

A Box of Letters

Several months ago, the basement at my mother’s house flooded. As we cleaned up after the water receded, we found several boxes that had not been opened in many years. In these boxes were letters sent by my grandfather during World War Two.

He was a pilot assigned to the 341st Fighter Squadron in the Pacific Campaign and over the course of his service sent several hundred letters home to my grandmother. These letters span the time from his flight training to his trip back to the States at the end of the war.

I have recently begun sorting and transcribing these letters so that they can be preserved for my family and for anyone else that my have an interest in how World War Two looked to one American pilot. As I work my way through these letter I will be posting them here along with the many pictures my grandfather took throughout the war.


Mrs. MooMoo said...

Wow -- you are so lucky to have salvaged the photos/letters!! I'm intrigued. I love history and looking at the world through another's eyes.

Joan said...

Brian, I am going to work my way thru the letters that you have posted. I too received boxes of letters --- transcribing is a labor of love. Best to you.